Welcome to AADB !

Over 360 000 hits a month!

AADB remains the best possible system for actors to find auditions, submit themselves to castings and to be found by producers, directors and production companies. We know this because the auditions keep pouring in and the numbers of users have steadily grown over the three years since AADB was launched.

Currently our stats show that each month 1200 unique users are logging in. That's 1000 UNIQUE people - so even if you're logging in 6 times that month - the system only counts you once.

Daily - we have anywhere from 500 to 600 unique users logging in to check the database. That equates to over 15 000 hits a day or over 360 000 hits a month.

Simply put: there is no better way to have your profile and pictures seen by industry professionals. So put up your profile on AADB now and start getting work. Don't forget to check the constantly growing list of auditions and submit yourself for them online.

Voice Reel Category

Last year we launched the SHOWREEL section for actors and film makers. This year we have just launched the VOICE REEL section for all those voice actors to put up a demo reel and CV.

For actors already on the system - the good news is that putting up a VOICE REEL is free with the ANNUAL ACTORS SUBSCRIPTION.

We've also added more photos for every actor.

So actors now can include 8 photos, a showreel and a voice reel.

60 day guarantee

Just to let you know that all memberships for less than 60 days can be fully refunded if you're not happy with the system. No questions asked - money back guarantee!

More Auditions than Ever...

AADB continues to grow with over 2000 members now actively using it. For the past year there have been an average of 30 auditions listed per month - that's 1 audition a day.

But actors do remember that most roles cast on AADB are through direct contact. That means a producer, director or casting agent finds an actor by their profile and emails or calls them directly. So it's very important to put up that profile and keep it up to date.

Showreel function for Production Companies

We have just enhanced our functionality again. Now all production companies can upload showreels to their profiles.

Actors already have this ability - so do get those showreels up - there is a link in the site with instructions for how to upload your videos - its easy and almost any format is accepted.


There is also a new LOCATIONS category. This is for anyone who has a space that they would like to offer to be used in a TV, FILM or advertisement shoot.

You can choose what you would like in return: hourly fees, product placement, business name mention or logo placement in the credits.

Create a listing and help out the film and TV industry. Get something in return that will boost your business sales or popularity. This is possibly the easiest and most cost effective way of getting your business on TV or Film.

Just register under LOCATIONS and CREATE A LISTING.