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Actors, Presenters, and Models:

If you’re interested in Casting Calls, Acting Auditions or being contacted directly by Casting Agents, Producers, Directors and Production Companies then AADB is for you! AADB was created to link everyone in the entertainment industry from TV to film to theatre.

AADB allows all actors, models and presenters to create their own comprehensive profile and have it online for all it’s members to view. With over 2200 current members and 600 000 hits a month, actors profies are being browsed at a rate of approximately 3000 pages a day. That basically means AADB is the most powerful way for you to be seen and found by producers, directors and casting agencies.

But it doesn’t stop there: submit yourself to casting calls / acting auditions with a click of a button (your entire profile is sent to the casting director). Access over 30 auditions every month. Why do we have so many auditions? Simply because we customized the system precisely FOR casting agents and directors. We created a system that they desperately needed and we gave them all the features they wanted including: the ability to shortlist actors and email shortlists to other production staff, powerful search features, comprehensive profiles, lots of pictures and video. Casting directors love using AADB because it is professionally formatted, powerful and efficient.

Casting Calls and Acting Auditions:

for TV dramas, Sitcoms, Film, Theatre, Commercials, Print Ads or Voice Overs are posted to the AUDITION pages of AADB everyday – more than 30 a month have been posted for the last 3 years.  AADB is Asia’s media hub, linking actors and presenters to the entire local entertainment industry.

Take Control:

of your acting or presenting career. It’s easy to sign up – your profile can be online in minutes and will be seen by hundreds of directors and producers in Singapore and internationally. Don’t miss another opportunity because no one knows who you are or where to find you!

With AADB you will be in the right place at the right time ALL the time.


All payments are made through the secure local gateway: PayPal Singapore.


Some of the Production Companies currently using AADB:

Mediacorp TV 12: Okto, Vasanatham Central, Suria & Kids Central

Mediacorp Ch 5

Raintree Pictures: The Maid, I Not Stupid Too, One Last Dance, I Do I Do

Oak 3 Pictures: The House of Harmony (German/ Singaporean Telemovie)

Dream Forest: Heartlanders, Fighting Spiders

Moving Visuals: 9 Lives

Ochre Pictures: February 29 (Leap of Love), Mental

Ark Pictures: Like My Own, Tiramisu, Villa Wellness, En Bloc

Currently there are over 250 production companies and casting agents using AADB both locally and abroad (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and the United States).

94 thoughts on “About AADB

  1. Can I act at mediacorp I have the talent to act and sing but I do not know how to become an actress?

  2. Anna – you should attend some acting classes first and also join AADB and put up your profile so you producers and directors can start contacting you for auditions.

  3. Hi ,If You Join The Drama Club As an actor is it possible to be an actor ,I m 13 and want to be an Actor

  4. Hello .
    Im actually interested in acting and i dont know to apply for acting

  5. It’s always a good start to join drama clubs and get some training. You can certainly join AADB whenever you wish – but as you are 13 you will need your parent’s consent to join AADB. However, it’s a free 1 month trial so join when you’re ready.

  6. First you need to join under the ACTION PACKAGE (for actors) then you can start applying for auditions from within the site. It’s easy!

  7. I never had any acting experience but i do have trinity certificates I really like to sing and act and hope I can become a singer or a actress.Can u help me?Pls reply me!

  8. I am in the drama club Cca in my school and did acted to a group of audience before but I think I didn’t had much experience so I wanted to see if you guys had acting classes

  9. Greetings, I am Danial Koh and I am 15 This year. I am currently in Drama club and has acted in for my school’s major performances like Our School 30th Anniversary Musical and also My school’s SYFs. I’ve also been on Suria for a Story Telling Competition. Am I eligible to join this yet?

  10. Hi, may i know how do i able to join the AADB class? As earlier, i was approached by mediacorp staffs, asking if im interested to join acting but i told them i don’t have experience in acting. So i thought i should give it try by joining the class and upgrade myself or give myself a chance in doing some actings. Kindly advise. Appreciate it so much.

  11. You can join AADB anytime – there’s currently a free one month trial – but this may be finishing soon. Join up and put up your profile and photos – and start auditioning. In the meantime you can also look for acting classes and develop your acting skills.

  12. Of course you’re eligible to join – since you’re under 16 you will have to have one of your parents join on your behalf though. Just sign up by clicking NEW MEMBER SIGN UP on the home page.

  13. Just join the site and create a profile. Please read all our home pages about how to create a profile and how to join. There’s a free trial so you can test out the system. Create yourself a good profile with good professional photos of yourself and then start SUBMITTING yourself to auditions that are appropriate to your age. You never know you may well get a job within a week of signing up – it’s not uncommon on AADB.

  14. We don’t have acting classes at the moment – but we’ll let you know when we do.

  15. Look for acting classes. And sign up for AADB, create a profile and start auditioning!

  16. Hello I am really interested in acting on Okto. Can you help me please. I know how to act as I have joined a story telling competition before which involves acting. Please reply soon ! Thanks.

  17. IT all starts with acting classes. Do as many acting and story telling telling classes as you can, then join AADB – put up your profile and start auditioning.

  18. You can look at Objectifs who do short film making courses in Singapore

  19. Hi , im a nepalese and im intrested in acting . Where do i join ?

  20. Just go to the homepage and click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. You may want to consider the photo package so you can have professional photos – this makes a big difference in whether casting directors ask you for auditions or not. If you want to do the photo package- choose: ACTORS ACTION PHOTO PACKAGE.

  21. Hi, I’m 14 years old and I wish to be an actress. I’ve seen kids audition for Suria but I’m not sure if I should bring a script since this is my first time.

  22. Hi Nurazlina, the best way to start acting is to join AADB – but you will need your parents to sign up for you as you are under 16. Just sign up under the ACTOR ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION or ACTION PACKAGE. Then create a profile under TEENS and you can start going to auditions! It’s that easy. I’d recommend getting some acting classes too if you’re really interested.

  23. hi, I’m 11 and I really like acting. my parents r sending me to an acting course to boost my talent. is it ok if u reply when I can start?

  24. channel 8 dramas? 9pm? I would really appreciate if u reply for me to join asap.

  25. Casting directors and producers are casting for TV dramas, commercials and theatre all the time on AADB. If you’d like to try it out – just sign up for the 2 week free trial. Click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP to join and choose the ACTORS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION – ACTION PACKAGE.

  26. You can ask your parents to join AADB for you – then once you’ve joined you can CREATE A PROFILE in the TEEN section and start auditioning. We are always in need of children and teens. Directors go through our site all the time looking for actors of all ages. Since you’re 11 you will need your parents to join for you and handle the emails from the site. Get them to sign up by clicking on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. Then choose: ACTION PACKAGE ($150 per year) for ACTORS. There is a FREE 2 week trial so you can try it first.

  27. Hi Samantha, no one is ugly! Who taught you that? The acting industry is looking for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and races. Just work on your craft and start acting if that’s what you want to do.

  28. You can join by clicking on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. As an actor you have to join under the Actors Annual Subscription or ACTION PACKAGE.

  29. Hi i am looking to be in some modelling advertisements. how do i join?

  30. Join by clicking on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. Then click on ACTORS ACTION PACKAGE. Or for more info on how to join and set up your profile – CLICK HERE.

  31. Hi , im 12 and i want to be a malay actress . I’m good in reading as I can get the tones & all right . I’ve nvr joined competitions but i represented my class in an inter-class competition & gt 2nd , losing to a boy . But how do I start ?

  32. Hi Siti,
    You should ask your parents to help you join the site. Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP and then join the ACTORS / VOICE TALENT ACTION PACKAGE.
    It costs $150 per year but there’s a 2 week free trial – once you join you can create a profile in the TEENAGE FEMALE section and put up photos and some of your school acting work and experience. Directors may contact your parents directly if they wish you to audition for a role. Otherwise you can also go to the auditions page to check for new auditions that are suitable. Once you have your profile up you can submit your profile to suitable auditions.

  33. -Linda hi,I am interested in acting and singing but do not know who to sign up.

  34. Hi . Can i apply to become an extra actor in mediacorp or in suria ? Im good in a roles of bad guy & good guy. For emotional part , im easy to shed tears if its a sad story.

  35. I do not know how to go mediacorp but I have the talent to act and sing I also have friends in mediacorp I’m 11 this year I want to act in mediacorp Chinese actress channel 8

  36. Hi Kelly,

    Well, alot of the productions you see on TV is produced by production companies outside of MediaCorp.

    If you are keen to act, I would suggest that you let your parents know and go for auditions. There are many auditions posted on AADB and with your parents’ consent, they can set up a profile on AADB so that Casting Directors can contact you.

    The other way is to join your school’s Drama CCA. You get to pick up good skills under teachers who can point you in the right direction.

  37. Hi Zelmy,

    To be an extra in any production is easy. All you need to do is sign up under our Extra Category.

    However, if you are looking for meaty parts, you should sign up under the Actors Annual Subscription. Casting Directors will be able to see your headshot, know a little about you and be able to contact you.

    PS: Actually, the ability to shed tears is over rated. It’s the ability to HOLD BACK the tears in an emotional scene that is difficult.

  38. Hi Linda,

    Signing up on AADB is easy peasy!

    Once you log in to sign up, you will be led through all the steps and guided all the way on how and what to post up to create your profile.

  39. Can I become an actor on suria please. I want it because I love to act. I hope that you can let me act on suria channel.

  40. Yes Suria and Mediacorp are always looking for new actors. You should sign up under the Actors package which is $150 per year then create a profile and start submitting for auditions.

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