By , February 20, 2017

Don’t wait to act when its not your line. It’s really about listening and reacting that makes an actor exceptional. For anyone relatively new to acting, the audition process is a scary one. 1 – you don’t really know what role will be given to you. 2-  the audition script could be 3 pages long, […]

Headshots for Acting Work

By , February 15, 2017

HEADSHOT DOS & DONTS Your headshot is your most important selling tool. It is your calling card. The first impression. So it needs to stand out. Every actor who wants to audition for any production needs a headshot. Remember, this is an investment in YOUR career. Do it right. Here are 3 Dos and Donts: […]


By , February 13, 2017

Yes Casting Directors know they can find you on AADB, but if you bring along a printed resume, it goes to show you are prepared and want to be remembered. When you walk into an audition and present the Casting person with a resume, he will definitely  look through it, especially if it’s neatly organised […]

Actor Headshots

By , February 8, 2017

Not only for auditions in Singapore, but even more so if you want to work internationally. One of the most important things an actor needs is a good headshot. As an actor, each audition you turn up for is essentially a job interview. And just like any job interview, you will need to arm yourself […]

About AADB for Actors

By , February 20, 2012

A short video about AADB especially for actors looking to join. Wendy Ho, one of the founders of AADB, explains how it works and the benefits of AADB for actors, producers, casting agents, crew and post production freelancers.  

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