About AADB

Actors, Presenters, and Models:

If you’re interested in Casting Calls, Acting Auditions or being contacted directly by Casting Agents, Producers, Directors and Production Companies then AADB is for you! AADB was created to link everyone in the entertainment industry from TV to film to theatre.

AADB allows all actors, models and presenters to create their own comprehensive profile and have it online for all its members to view. With over 2200 current members and 600000 hits a month, actors’ profiles are being browsed at a rate of approximately 3000 pages a day. That basically means AADB is the most powerful way for you to be seen and found by producers, directors and casting agencies.

But it doesn’t stop there: submit yourself to casting calls / acting auditions with a click of a button (your entire profile is sent to the casting director). Access over 30 auditions every month. Why do we have so many auditions? Simply because we customised the system precisely FOR casting agents and directors. We created a system that they desperately needed and we gave them all the features they wanted including: the ability to shortlist actors and email shortlists to other production staff, powerful search features, comprehensive profiles, lots of pictures and video. Casting directors love using AADB because it is professionally formatted, powerful and efficient.

Casting Calls and Acting Auditions:

for TV dramas, Sitcoms, Film, Theatre, Commercials, Print Ads or Voice Overs are posted to the AUDITION pages of AADB everyday – more than 30 a month have been posted for the last 3 years.  AADB is Asia’s media hub, linking actors and presenters to the entire local entertainment industry.

Take Control:

of your acting or presenting career. It’s easy to sign up – your profile can be online in minutes and will be seen by hundreds of directors and producers in Singapore and internationally. Don’t miss another opportunity because no one knows who you are or where to find you!

With AADB you will be in the right place at the right time ALL the time.

All payments are made through secure local gateways:

PayPal and Stripe


Some of the Production Companies currently using AADB:

Mediacorp TV 12: Okto, Vasantham Central, Suria & Kids Central

Mediacorp Ch 5

Raintree Pictures: The Maid, I Not Stupid Too, One Last Dance, I Do I Do

Oak 3 Pictures: The House of Harmony (German/ Singaporean Telemovie)

Dream Forest: Heartlanders, Fighting Spiders

Moving Visuals: 9 Lives

Ochre Pictures: February 29 (Leap of Love), Mental

Ark Pictures: Like My Own, Tiramisu, Villa Wellness, En Bloc

Currently there are over 250 production companies and casting agents using AADB both locally and abroad (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and the United States).