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By , February 20, 2012

A short video about AADB especially for actors looking to join. Wendy Ho, one of the founders of AADB, explains how it works and the benefits of AADB for actors, producers, casting agents, crew and post production freelancers. Anyone wishing to join AADB should watch this intro video:

Job Site for Entertainment Industry

Actors Asia Database or AADB is a job site for the entertainment industry in Singapore – it connects actors, producers, directors, production companies, casting agents, crew and post production personelle. It was established primarily to help Singapore actors find work and for producers and directors in Singapore to find actors. Actors are notoriously difficult to find and get in contact with; on AADB every actor has a profile page with all contact information and an easy to use internal email system so producers, directors and casting agents can easily contact them anytime.

AADB was established in 2005 and has become the leading talent database in the region. If you’re an actor, voice actor, crew member, director, writer, producer looking for work in Singapore or regionally – join AADB now.

Please do read our other pages to get an idea about how AADB works – or contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading! And hope you join our rapidly growing community!


Leanne (AADB Admin)


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170 Responses to “About AADB Video”

  1. AADB Admin says:

    Natasha, you’re not too late at all – actors can start at all ages! You may want to attend one of our talks – check our home page for more info on the latest AADB info day talk to get more info about how to join and get started in the industry. You can also just join immediately – it’s easy and quick to do – though you will have to ask one of your parents to help you join this site as you are under 16. Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. Join as an ACTOR and create a PROFILE. Then start submitting yourself to auditions.

  2. AADB Admin says:

    Rachel, you may want to come to one of our AADB info days to find out more. Bring your parents so they can learn more about the industry too. Then you will need to join AADB to start getting auditions and begin your dream career.

  3. Fitri nur says:

    hi! I came across this site recently and I do really have a passion for acting and being in the entertainment industry. however I’m doing my major exams and it will end my the end of the year. I’m really keen in signing up for the package by the time I’m done with my exams. and I’m 17 this year. do you think it is possible?

  4. AADB Admin says:

    Hi Fitri nur, of course you should sign up for the package. You can try it for a month free of charge – it’s a one month no obligation trial for the ACTION PACKAGE or Actors Annual Subscription (after the first month its $150).

  5. Regene says:

    Hi, i am 18 this year! I really love acting but I am not that pretty and slim. And also I can speak english but not really that good. Can I know do i have any chance?

  6. Nelvin says:

    Hi, im 26 this year and i have a dream to become a actor since young, so if i want to try out i can just try by resister myself at this website and try putting my info on those adution right??

  7. AADB Admin says:

    You’re absolutely right. Just register, try it for a month and put up a profile with pictures and start putting yourself up for Auditions.

  8. Eddie says:

    Hi AADB,

    May I make a suggestion? Currently we have actors’ age group grouped accordingly to 20-30 years old, 30-40 years old. I think it will be better if we also include the option of 25-35, 35-45 and so on. As some actors who are well into their 30s can pull off roles for characters in their mid or late 20s, but because we select the 20-30 option, its a little misleading to the directors because we definitely can’t pull off a 20 year old role.

  9. Eddie says:

    Another suggestion is perhaps to compile a list of upcoming masterclasses or workshops so that fellow actors are aware of these classes and sign up for it.

    The last update was in February, both courses for kids. It will be better if we can update more frequently, especially on courses for adults. I just found out about a Le Jeu workshop coming up in June on Facebook today and signed up immediately. If I had not accidentally clicked on a few wrong links, I would not have known about it.

    Thank You!

  10. AADB Admin says:

    Great suggestion Eddie – it’s been done. The age groups you mentioned have been added to the age range field.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. AADB Admin says:

    Everyone has a chance. The industry needs actors in all shapes, sizes, races.

  12. AADB Admin says:

    Good idea. We’d like to keep the courses up to date – but there aren’t that many courses – we will try and monitor to keep them more updated as per your suggestion. Thanks again.

  13. C.Siva says:

    Hey there, just a couple of questions.
    I’m new to the scene (no official experience), intending to save up for the Action Photo package; the 12 photos taken part of the package, is it 12 different shots? (Sorry if this is a ‘stupid’ question).
    Also, how does one without experience build his CV? It’ll be great to be guided through creating a CV.

    I do intend to take Classes at Zoom Academy in the near future.. (gotta save up for that!)

  14. C.Siva says:

    Oh yeah btw, i’m 18 (19 this year) and am very passionate about Acting.

  15. AADB Admin says:

    Hi C.Siva. The best way to build your CV is to train (go to as many classes as you can) and then work – do lots of auditions and start taking jobs. You can put yourself in the NEW COMER category at first so that people know you’re new – there are many production companies who are looking for fresh faces. Little by little you can build your CV. It’s a great idea to get the ACTION PHOTO PACKAGE. They take a lot of photos but give you 12 good ones to keep. Yes – they are different shots but based on our requirements – a couple of headshots, some medium wide shots and some full body shots.

  16. Brenda tan says:

    Hi AABD.
    I have already registered for actors under female teen. What do i do now?

  17. AADB Admin says:

    Hi Brenda.
    Now you should create a profile with all your pictures, bio, skills etc. Once you’ve done that – you should go check out the auditions page. When you read an audition that you think you might be suitable for – click SUBMIT to submit your profile to that audition. Go to as many auditions as you can to get good experience and take classes to build your acting skills.

  18. Mrs Ng says:

    Dear Wendy, I have paid $300 for the renewal of my 2 children’s profile since Jan’2013 and only 1 profile is on. I have highlighted to your admin staff but with no outcome…
    Please respond as soon as possible and advise how aadb will rectify this matter. Anxiously awaiting for your reply.

  19. AADB Admin says:

    Hi Mrs Ng, We couldn’t email you – your email bounced our reply. We’ve tried again. IF you dont hear anything – please give us an alternate email and we’ll get back to you asap.

  20. chan tsun yean says:

    I am a guy, I’m turning 18 in October. I have always wanted to try out acting. Am I applicable to audition. But I’m actually studying graduating in 9months followed by national service of 2yrs. Would your recommend that I still try it out.

  21. Jason Low says:

    Hi I was previosly an actor member of AADB like 1 or 2 years ago, so if I come back do I need to re create everything again?

  22. jiaen says:

    I’ve been immensely interested in acting, film, theater since young but i have not had the chance to venture into that. I really hope to delve deeper into this passion of mine by taking up roles and hopefully, building up a portfolio. i have minimal acting experience and vocal talent but i do have a music background. What do you suggest I do?

  23. Rey says:

    hello , I have been here for quite awhile but have never been contacted even though I made profiles and submitted for auditions, is there something I did wrong ?

  24. Neha says:


    I am interested in getting my 5-yr-old daughter on TV. She is very pretty and talkative and people enjoy talking to her. I am keen on getting her started. D you cater to kids as well and do you feel there is scope for a child h age?

  25. AADB Admin says:

    Yes we welcome kids of all ages. Most productions – TV, film, Adverts need children of all ages – there are auditions all the time for kids and often, once your child’s profile is up on the system – you will get contacted directly by directors and producers.

  26. AADB Admin says:

    Sometimes you’re just not right for what they’re looking for. OR it maybe because of bad photos or a poor profile. Do try and get the best photos of yourself – professionally done if possible and write a good, clear profile. You should present yourself as professionally as possible. Often directors have to see so many profiles that if even one photo is unprofessional or turns them off – they don’t even take a second look.

  27. AADB Admin says:

    Take some acting classes – wherever you can. Then sign up for a profile on AADB and start auditioning. Do as many auditions as possible and always ask for feedback – you can learn a ton from auditions. Hopefully you’ll be working in the industry real soon!

  28. AADB Admin says:

    If you’ve been out of the system for over a year – yes you’ll have to create your profile all over again. We don’t store profiles for longer than a year.

  29. AADB Admin says:

    Of course you could try it out – 9 months is a lot of time. Up to you.

  30. Tom says:

    hi Wendy
    I do believe I sent you an email today with some details of my experiences in Taiwan..I am curious how to upload photos and pursue this site you have further… please take the time and fill me in.

    Thank you

  31. mahesh says:

    Hello , i am a student from TP.
    I feel that acting is an are , a craft and i love it.
    I know that acting is not all fun and games and i would love to learn this craft. I am not sure if investing $150 is worth it though.Can you share with me more about this? I am willing to gain experience and listen to the opinion of others if acting is truly for me. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  32. AADB Admin says:

    Hi Tom,
    Leanne here, please watch the video about AADB and click through and read the home pages about profiles etc. There’s lots of info on how to create your profile. Once you’ve joined you can create a profile online immediately. It can include up to 16 photos. The first photo should be a professionally taken headshot. After your profile is up you can start submitting to any auditions that are suitable… it’s as easy as that!

  33. AADB Admin says:

    You can only find out if acting is for you by taking a bunch of classes! Do as many classes as you can – even join theatre groups, do short films etc. Then you’ll know. $150 is not a big investment on something you think you love. Most on this platform make their living off acting and as you can see from the testimonials the annual subscription is more than paid back by any job they find on AADB.

  34. shruti says:

    Hi my name is shruti and i love acting…acting is my passion and i am a great actress ….ill tell u more just drop me an email at shruchaurasia@gmail.com ill tell u more about me personally

  35. tttdfd says:

    Hi AADB,

    I am a student currently studying in the IP programme and I’m 16 this year. Next year comes the point in time where i will have to select my subject combinations which would drastically affect my livelihood in the future and career prospects. Aside from being lawyers, doctors and businessman, i do have an interest in becoming an actor here in Singapore. Could you provide me with some advice on being an actor in Singapore as a whole and tell me more about it?

    Thank You

  36. bryan paul says:

    Hi there, I’m interested in joining this but currently I’m pursuing my degree in Canada. I’m interested in acting but haven’t found the gut to do it yet. Owh, by the way, is this open to all or just certain country?

  37. jasonkkchan says:

    Hi Bryan, AADB Singapore is really for any actor based in Singapore or at least Malaysia. It’s open to all but most auditions will require you to be in the country. Very few production companies will fly in actors for a job. When you finish your degree and when you return to Singapore – then you should join and start auditioning!

  38. Shazzey says:

    Hi! my name is Shaz and i ALWAYS dream and imagine me acting in movies i like. Every single night i wold be in my room role playing a character of my fav anime. Hahaa
    Hahaha. I want to polish my skills in acting as industry but even so i have no guts to stand in front of the camera. I wish to join AADB If Its possible..

  39. AADB Admin says:

    You should try some acting schools like: Centre Stage School of the Arts and then join when you have the confidence 🙂

  40. Daniel Por says:

    Hi there, I’m interested in acting. Can you tell me about upcoming auditions? Thx

  41. jasonkkchan says:

    There are approximately 60-90 auditions posted on AADB per month. Do check the audition listings on AADB. You can join for a free 2 month trial. Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP and then choose Actors / Voice Talent ACTION PACKAGE [ FREE TRIAL 2 WEEKS ]

  42. nora nazira says:

    hey, i’m very intrstd in joing ths, bt hw? cz i lve in malaysia. please rply me ASAP. Thanks XoXo

  43. jasonkkchan says:

    You should join AADB Malaysia. We’ve just started over there. It’s at http://www.aadbmalaysia.com You’re free to join AADB Singapore too but it’s almost exclusively for Singaporean work.

  44. Eky Phua says:

    Hi there,
    Im currently working in Kuala Lumpur but interested in joining the acting industry in Singapore. What shall I do?

  45. Chua Zi Hui Hazel says:

    Hi! I’m 12 this year and am I a bit too young to audition?

  46. tatabi says:

    the shows are from channel 5 or 8

  47. AADB Admin says:

    You should join AADB malaysia to start with. IF you’re willing to travel to Singapore to act it’s possible but most auditions will require you to be in Singapore. However, there are companies who will audition over skype or just by sending a video file. You’re more than welcome to join AADB Singapore and try.

  48. AADB Admin says:

    Not at all – but you will need your parents to help you join the site and create a profile on AADB for you. They will have to manage your account.

  49. AADB Admin says:

    Mostly channel 5 but some from 8 and suria too.

  50. Natan says:

    Hi,I’m from Indonesia but currently studying in sydney,australia,I just wondering if there us a possibility I’m joining AADB?What is the requirement for the auditions?
    Thank you.

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