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By , February 20, 2012

A short video about AADB especially for actors looking to join. Wendy Ho, one of the founders of AADB, explains how it works and the benefits of AADB for actors, producers, casting agents, crew and post production freelancers. Anyone wishing to join AADB should watch this intro video:

Job Site for Entertainment Industry

Actors Asia Database or AADB is a job site for the entertainment industry in Singapore – it connects actors, producers, directors, production companies, casting agents, crew and post production personelle. It was established primarily to help Singapore actors find work and for producers and directors in Singapore to find actors. Actors are notoriously difficult to find and get in contact with; on AADB every actor has a profile page with all contact information and an easy to use internal email system so producers, directors and casting agents can easily contact them anytime.

AADB was established in 2005 and has become the leading talent database in the region. If you’re an actor, voice actor, crew member, director, writer, producer looking for work in Singapore or regionally – join AADB now.

Please do read our other pages to get an idea about how AADB works – or contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading! And hope you join our rapidly growing community!


Leanne (AADB Admin)


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170 Responses to “About AADB Video”

  1. Fionn says:

    Hi I am looking for healthy active individuals age between 45-50 for a short TVC Commercial. May I know where can I post this? Thank you.

  2. AADB Admin says:

    Hi Fionn, just join as a Production Company and then go to MY ACCOUNT. Click on Create a Profile and then choose AUDITIONS as the category – you can then create your audition. Alternately you can just look through the talents and contact them individually for audition. To join just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP.

  3. AADB Admin says:

    You most certainly can join AADB, however, it’s mostly for auditions in SIngapore so if you’re based in Australia that might be a bit difficult.

  4. Min0715 says:

    Hi, I am really interested in acting and being in the acting industry but I do not have experience although I have join a drama cca when I was in secondary school and I am unsure if I cut out to be an actress as I have stage fright. May I know how I am able to overcome this fear or what should I do? Thank you

  5. R says:

    Hi, can I work as a part time extra?

  6. AADB Admin says:

    Yes of course – we have an extras or calefare subscription. There isn’t a lot of money for working as an extra but it’s great experience and it’s a good start for any career in this industry.

  7. AADB Admin says:

    Every actor has fears and anxiety – some get so nervous they vomit before live performances! Don’t worry about this. The best way to get over this is to do more plays and classes in acting. You can try Centre stage school of the arts or Haque Academy in Singapore.

  8. Zack says:

    Hello!, I’m am interested in relocating to Asia early next year to continue my goal to become an Action/Martial Arts/Stuntman/Acton/Choreographer. I was told by overseas connections that places like Singapore could do with white skinned action stunt men/Actors. I currently live in London/UK and Is there a way i can provide my show reel to someone directy for further feedback?

    Zack / zackozbayrak@gmail.com

  9. joan says:

    my face is not flawless and i do have freckles on my face too. With this kind of face i have, can i still join ?

  10. AADB Admin says:

    Of course- there will always be make up in any production AND don’t assume that we always want to cover freckles.

  11. AADB Admin says:

    We developed AADB to help connect all the disciplines in the arts. You may want to join and put up your profile online perhaps as an actor / stuntman. Add your showreel and then you can contact production companies through the site. You should always have your profile online as this sort of requirement is usually on a as needs basis for most production companies.

  12. desiree says:

    hi! im 12 this year. my face looks flawless and im wearing spectacles. so, is it still possible to act?? and by the way, im insterested in being a calefare, may i ask you hows the pay like? thanks

  13. AADB Admin says:

    Of course anyone can be an actor – the industry is looking for anyone of all shapes and sizes. There isn’t much pay in acting let alone calefare but it’s usually not really about the money if you’re getting into acting 😉

  14. AADB Admin says:

    Yes, there are new comers on AADB all the time. I suggest you take some acting classes. You could try Centre Stage School of the Arts or HAQUE academy. Then sign up to AADB under the actors action package – there’s a two week free trial at the moment and put your profile under the NEWCOMER category. You can then start submitting your profile to auditions. Or wait for people to call you. Make sure you have good photos too. Photos are your business card in acting.

  15. AADB Admin says:

    AADB charges actors $150 per year to be on the site. The actors on AADB generally get more than enough from their work to continue on the site every year. There is no other commission or extra charges taken when you get a job through AADB.

  16. Ngee Ann Poly Student says:

    Hello! I am looking for talents to act in my school’s group film project. However, we won’t be able to pay you but food will be provided for meals. Hope you are interested in joining us for experience.

  17. Yadiii says:

    hey im 18 this year currently in ite college central. ive been training parkour ,flips for almost 3 and half years now, im interested to be in any scene as a stuntman or a fight scene. is there any chance i can get in a job?

  18. Zera Te says:

    Hi, How do I sign up? And where do I go to fill in the form?

  19. AADB Admin says:

    Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. And if you’re an actor – you must choose: “Action Package – Actor / Voice Actor Annual Subscription”. It’s free to try for 2 weeks so you can understand the system. Once you’ve logged in – go to MY ACCOUNT and click on CREATE A PROFILE. Choose the right actor category eg “Female Adult” and then click SUBMIT. You will then have a form to fill out to create your profile.

  20. AADB Admin says:

    You can sign up to AADB to look for talents or put up an audition notice. It’s ok that there is little to no money – just indicate that on the audition notice.

  21. AADB Admin says:

    We don’t have a specific category for stuntmen but you can join as an actor and write in your bio about the stunts that you’re able to do. When you create your profile – put it under the category of NEWCOMER. It would be good if you included a video in your profile to show what you can do.

  22. Raldvie says:

    Hi! I am a filipino and want to work as a crew or extra in sitcom or movies. I have been featured in a segment about nursing home in channel news asia. My part there was using a air freshner and fixing uniform of my patient. It was shot for about 7 seconds. Hoping for your favorable response.

  23. Nurin Qistina says:

    Hi, im nurin,a hyper girl, 13 and a singaporean. I love to act but I would usually act in my room and people usually called me crazy(in a good way), and I had been performing and auditioning since I was 7. I am sooo keen to join but could u tell me wat kind of auditions is suitable for me?

  24. Raldvie says:

    Hi I want to apply as a crew or extra on sitcoms movies. You can see me on channel news asia where they feature nursing home by chery fox. You can see me there in green uniform using air freshner and fixing the uniform of my patient. Hoping for your favorable response.

  25. AADB Admin says:

    Sure thing. You can just join under the Extras or Calefare category. Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP… Then click on Extras / Calefare annual subscription and fill out the form. Once you’re subscribed you can go to MY ACCOUNT and click on CREATE A PROFILE … then choose the CALEFARE section and click SUBMIT. You can then create your own BIO with photos so that directors and producers can see you and contact you via the site.

  26. AADB Admin says:

    There are all kinds of auditions on AADB – best way is to join and to start auditioning. Also, you have to put up a good profile with professional photos so directors and producers can see what you look like and what role you’d fit. Please ask your parents to help you join if you’re keen.

  27. Melva Lee says:

    Hi, I am a Singaporean citizen, currently in USA for three years. I am also attending high school here as a sophomore (currently 14). I have been taking part in drama classes and participating in musicals. The more I take these, will there be an easier opportunity to get cast? I love acting and I am very keen in joining the entertainment business. Thanks.

  28. Meria Johan says:

    Hi, I’m very passionate in acting since young age. How do I go about this?

  29. AADB Admin says:

    Yes, the more acting classes you take the better your chances of getting acting work and having a long career in acting. Keep up the training always!

  30. AADB Admin says:

    Get as much acting training as you can – then join AADB and start auditioning – quite simple!

  31. akmal khayri says:

    Hi my name is akmal… I’m only 13 years old becoming 14 next year… I want to be an actor since I was 7 years old. I make YouTube videos… I want to be an actor so badly … But nobody can help… Can I be an actor with you guys? Please?

  32. grace says:

    Dear Sir,
    can i go to ur office to pay the 150sg for one year cos i hv no debit card..also due to me stop work for ten mths now returning to part time per hour seven work plus paying rental etc..i need to pay in instalment can u advise?
    my email : grace117@singnet.com.sg 84148791 hp

  33. Zhong Jiahui says:

    I am keen in part time acting roles. Please review the attached resume.

    Thank you.

    Jiahui (mobile : 85331563)

  34. Alison says:

    Hi, I enjoy writing very much. How do I submit a manuscript?

  35. XAVEIR says:

    Hello, do u have jobs for teenagers to be an actor? I wann be an actor and I have been working my way towards it so I want to find acting jobs. Do u have it for me? I don’t mind starting as an extra but I hope I can be an actor when I grow older

  36. leroy says:

    hi, im 23 male. chinese. im wanna be an actor for mediacorp channel 8/5 . how to i get for the auditions

  37. Ivan says:


    If i am wearing braces for my teeth. will it affect the decision from the casting team or the director to selct me as the cast?

    Thank you

  38. denlhx says:

    Hi AADB, im also a shy person and memory is not as good as others. Do you think im suitable in acting? I just wanna earn some extras and gai. Some experience and of cuz my confidence as well. Do you think I can do it? And once we are selected we can act in tv shows?

  39. Alanna says:

    Hi there,

    A Bachelor degree graduate from Media & Communications, I have acquired much experience in Hosting and TV Presenting. I would like to take this further into the Radio or Broadcast industry as a DJ/VJ. How may I proceed to seek career opportunities in the related fields?

    Thank you,


  40. John says:

    Hi, i’m a Malaysian who is currently working in Singapore.. I have a passion for performing arts (mainly acting)

    i’m 24 and a bit on the skinny side, of eurasian decent (great grandad was irish)

    taking inspiration from Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey, I really grew up with their movies and constantly mimmick their actions while trying constantly to develop my own style.

    I have never acted on anything besides school plays

    so I have no experience, but willing to dive head first into any role, be it as an extra or even a voice actor.

  41. Taneya Sharma says:

    Hi, I am from India and have around 3 years of acting experience in Theatre’s in Mumbai. Currently I am in Singapore and looking for any acting assignment. My english is good. Do I stand any chance to grab any offers?

  42. AADB Admin says:

    Hi Taneya,
    Anyone can stand a chance especially if you’ve had acting experience. Singapore is always looking for new faces and if your english is good that’s a real plus. You can join the site for a 2 week free trial and put up your profile. Many directors will contact you directly through the site once you have a profile up with photos. Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP and choose the ACTORS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.

  43. AADB Admin says:

    This is a site for actors to put up their profiles – so do go ahead and join and add your profile to the Male Actor category. Then fill in your profile with as much info about your experience and training and of course add good photos of yourself. You can then start applying for auditions – there are more than 90 auditions per month. Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP to join (then choose ACTORS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION – it’s normally $150 per year but free for the first two weeks with no obligation to join).

  44. AADB Admin says:

    This site is for you to create a profile so you can be found by directors, producers etc. To join just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP and then select ACTOR / VOICE ACTOR ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION – there’s a free two week trial so you can try it out first. Once you’ve joined you should create a profile or bio for yourself under the right category (eg FEMALE ADULT) and you can start applying for auditions. Often, once you have your profile up, directors and producers will contact you directly through the site.

  45. AADB Admin says:

    If you have little experience you may want to try as an extra or calefare first. You can join under that category – just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP – then choose Extras / Calefare Subscription.

  46. AADB Admin says:

    Braces can sometimes be a positive thing – every type of person is needed for different shows, ads etc. Sometimes directors will be looking specifically for someone with braces… other times not. But there certainly will be opportunities for you.

  47. AADB Admin says:

    I’m really sorry we don’t take instalments or cash. Sorry for the inconvenience but it costs us too much to enable cash handling. We advise you purchase a pre-paid debit card to pay.

  48. AADB Admin says:

    Hi Jiahui – we don’t actually review resumes – we are not the casting agent – we serve as a website for you to put up your resume online so that directors and producers can find you when they need you. You can try it for free for 2 weeks – just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP and select ACTORS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. Then create your profile in the correct category eg (FEMALE ADULT) and start submitting your resume to appropriate auditions. It’s that easy – many actors find once they put up their profile they start getting calls straight away.

  49. AADB Admin says:

    If you want to know how to get started as an actor in Singapore – do read this.

  50. AADB Admin says:

    There are auditions for actors of all shapes, ages and sizes. Especially younger people – so yes – there are auditions. You may want to start in the NEWCOMER section. To find out more about how AADB works – read this.

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