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Creating a Profile


First it is important to select the right category. For actors please select by gender (sex) and age. "Girls" or "Boys" are from 2 to 12 yrs. "Teens" are from age 13 to 17. Adults are 18 yrs and upwards. "New Faces" are actors with little or no experience. It is up to you whether you would like to be in this category. Often casting agents look specifically for New Faces - so it may be of benefit to be in this category at least while you are starting out. This category can include any age. You can change out of this category anytime.

Producers, Directors, Casting agents and Production Companies should choose their corresponding categories.

Actors may upload their own profile. Other categories can upload a company or personal profile and up to 10 Audition notices at any one time.

Bold Fields

Once you have chosen a category a corresponding set of "fields" will be displayed. The Bold Fields are REQUIRED. These usually include, your name or business name, and some contact information. We encourage everyone including production companies and casting agents to post a profile page.

The "Description" field should include a brief individual or company bio. It is a brief overview of your training, general experience and the sorts of work you do.

Non-Bold Fields

Non-bold fields are optional. You may not want to put your personal phone number or even email online. If you choose not to show your email - anyone visiting your profile can still "send a message" to your login email by clicking on "send message" in your profile page.


This is the CV section. We ask that you choose your best 10 or 12 (for actors) productions as this is an ideal number for casting agents or production companies to get a good idea of your experience.

Each production is split into several entries: type of work, title, role, producer and director. Try to input your CV either in chronological order or in groups: ie Film Work followed by TV work followed by stage work. If you'd like to upload a full CV of all your work - please do so by first creating it in either .doc or a pdf file and then uploading at the "Upload File" section.



The first photo actors should upload is their headshot.This is a REQUIREMENT of AADB. If you don't have an industry standard headshot please contact us and we will help you.

The three remaining photos should show a variety of clothing or "character looks" to help show your versatility. These may be in colour or black and white. We advise that these are of a professional standard (either studio shots or from professional work). Try to resize photos to: width 400 pixels, height 500 pixels (size should be less than 150kb). This is an optimum size. Try not to post photos much smaller than this. If they are larger we may resize them.

Production Companies

The first image uploaded should be your logo. This will help identify you in searches and on your profile page. Following images can be of your staff or of directors or your office / building etc.

Producers and Directors

We also encourage freelance producers and directors to upload a professional standard headshot. This helps identify you and is a great aid when others are searching the database. The other three photos may be of you on set in various productions.

Submit or Update

Now just click the "Submit" button and you're done!

If there were any errors a message will appear in red and prompt you to change a field or two.

The database will check that it is a valid email address or url for website links.

For more information please read our FAQ.

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Andrei David Rasmussen

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