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By , February 20, 2012

A short video about AADB especially for actors looking to join. Wendy Ho, one of the founders of AADB, explains how it works and the benefits of AADB for actors, producers, casting agents, crew and post production freelancers. Anyone wishing to join AADB should watch this intro video:

Job Site for Entertainment Industry

Actors Asia Database or AADB is a job site for the entertainment industry in Singapore – it connects actors, producers, directors, production companies, casting agents, crew and post production personelle. It was established primarily to help Singapore actors find work and for producers and directors in Singapore to find actors. Actors are notoriously difficult to find and get in contact with; on AADB every actor has a profile page with all contact information and an easy to use internal email system so producers, directors and casting agents can easily contact them anytime.

AADB was established in 2005 and has become the leading talent database in the region. If you’re an actor, voice actor, crew member, director, writer, producer looking for work in Singapore or regionally – join AADB now.

Please do read our other pages to get an idea about how AADB works – or contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading! And hope you join our rapidly growing community!


Leanne (AADB Admin)


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170 Responses to “About AADB Video”

  1. AADB Admin says:

    You should join as a writer and put up your profile in AADB under the writer’s category. You can join under the DIRECTORS / WRITERS subscription.

  2. AADB Admin says:

    You will have to ask your parents if you can join AADB. If they’re ok with it then you can join and put up your profile here with photos so that you can start auditioning for TV shows or film. There are plenty of auditions for teenagers so there is a lot of opportunity.

  3. G Mummy says:

    May i know if 4 years old can join and will get any chances?

  4. Francis Tay says:

    Hi admin,
    I own a artiste management company. How do i get my talents jobs from here. Please advice! Thank you!

  5. Lyris Ng says:

    hey im 13 years old but a lot of people say i look like 15-16 years old, so does this give me a higher chance of passing auditions?

  6. Rodney Liwayan says:

    I’m 32 years old ….Looking for actor job….I have no education about acting or no experience

  7. Irdina says:

    Hi.. I am very keen and interested to join acting. However I have never had the experience. I play sports at the same time represent my school in basketball. I love music and I can play the piano… Does that put me in any advantage of getting in ? I would love to join this !! Thank you

  8. rauul balkar singh says:

    I am looking for a part time job as a film extra and I am 58 yrs old

  9. Jackson Wong says:

    Dear AADB
    After completing my acting courses in mid 2014 , I have been actively doing shooting and filming as featured role , part timer and extras but somehow nothing happens for the past 3 mths , I wonder what should I do to have continuous opportunity in filming .

  10. i would like to audition whatever you want acting,model,fashion,post magazine,comercial…etc…i just want to improve or impress myself and the who support me i thank you…

  11. Nurashimah Bte Abdullah says:

    Hi, good morning, I would love to try casting in acting fim maybe a small film ? As I love to act …

  12. AADB Admin says:

    Great! It’s always good to do things you are passionate about.

    I’m not going to say it’s easy to be a full time actor, but if you would like to do it for fun, just go for it!

    Just 3 things you need to do:
    1) Put up a good profile : that is a nice photo, a short introduction of who you are and how to get in touch with you
    2) Go for as many auditions as you can…practice makes perfect!
    3) Start with volunteering for student films, you will get the chance to hone your craft.

    Good luck!

  13. AADB Admin says:

    You certainly have the right attitude! Just go for as many auditions as you can, no matter how small the role. Auditions give you the chance to practice, as each audition is different. Its just too difficult to simply act in your own bedroom and not get any feedback.

  14. AADB Admin says:

    Hi Jackson,

    What do you mean? If you have been acting the past 3 months (no matter how big or small the role is), that’s fabulous!

    But in reply to your comment, what would you like to happen?

  15. AADB Admin says:

    Fabulous! We have a section just for Extras!

    You can post up a photo of yourself as well as write a short introduction of what you would like to do.

    Productions houses are always looking for extras!

    And maybe, you might get spotted and asked to take on a larger role in their next production!

  16. AADB Admin says:

    Dont worry about having no experience! Alot of Casting Directors would love to discover new talents.

    When our Founder was casting, she discovered talents like Aaron Aziz, Fiona Xie and Paige Chua. But do you know how they got famous? Not because of our Founder, but it was through their own sheer hard work. They went for so many auditions, took on all sorts of acting parts to practice their craft of acting…and most importantly, never gave up.

    With so many Casting Directors looking at our site daily, you will need to get your profile up as soon as possible so that you dont miss out on good auditions. Good luck!

  17. AADB Admin says:

    Dont worry about having experience, what’s more important is that you go for auditions. As many as you can!

    If you are doing this for a little fun or just something you have always been passionate about, getting seen by Casting Directors is the most important thing. Being listed under our Adult Male page will instantly allow Casting Directors to reach out to you.

    If you would like to make a career out of it, then I would suggest you sign up for some acting classes as well.

  18. AADB Admin says:

    Actually Lyris,

    When production houses are casting, they do try to get talents to act their own age as much as possible. And there are actually lots of shows looking for talents in your age group. Just look at Okto Channel!

  19. AADB Admin says:

    Hello Francis,

    We do have a section just for agencies like yourself. In fact, all the talents you post up get to enjoy a discounted fee.

    Simply sign up under “Actors Agents” and each profile you set up will get to enjoy that discounted fee. You will be the only one with access to what is posted up and production houses would only be able to get in touch with you.

  20. AADB Admin says:

    Hello G Mummy,

    Yes even 4 year olds can join. There are so many production houses in need of children for TV shows!

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