Is AADB a Casting Agency?

No, AADB is NOT a casting agency. We are an internet portal connecting actors, directors, producers, crew and writers. Producers and directors can post audition notices and actors can submit their profiles online. If selected the actors would then need to go to an actual audition. Directors and producers looking for actors can also contact actors on AADB directly.

Can actors try AADB?

Yes! We have a 2 WEEK, no obligation trial for all actors looking to join AADB. Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP and select “Actor / Voice Talent Annual Subscription”. Just follow the prompts to sign up and you can have your profile on AADB in minutes. It’s absolutely FREE for 2 WEEKS – we don’t take any credit card or payment details. So, if you don’t think AADB will benefit you – just let your membership expire.

Do I need professional photos?

All actors should have professionally taken headshots and some half body and full body shots. Neutral clothes and hair are best – with minimal make up. We have a Photo Package that is very reasonable to get actors started. Remember – your photos are your calling card – so it’s very important to get professional, studio photos that will last a few years.

How many photos can I put in my profile?

At present you can load up to 16 photos in your actor profile.

Can I add a showreel?

Yes, you can add a showreel to your profile. This involves linking a youtube video. Click here to see how.

How do I start acting in Singapore?

It’s not difficult. Here’s a good article on how to start acting in Singapore.

Can I join AADB if I have no experience in acting?

Yes you can. AADB is open for all who are interested in acting. There is a NEW COMER section for anyone who has little or no experience. You’ll be surprised how many producers and directors are looking for new faces to put in their productions. Also, there are many smaller roles that are often filled by new actors. Remember, if they can’t find you they can’t hire you. So join AADB – put up a profile – get some good photos of yourself and start submitting yourself to auditions. Here’s a quote from an actor:

“I made the right decision to join AADB.com and I’ve already gotten four auditions and I believe that I successfully cleared one though I should get the final news by the weekend. Not bad for just five days on the site.”

Prem John – Actor