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“Dear Leanne, I just want to thank you for your work on this site and providing it. Just in the last 3 months I’ve picked up 3 jobs and one of them was with Point of Entry; where I picked up one of the biggest supporting roles for this year.  I am just beginning and I’m not yet my best where I want to be, but this site has helped me become more, and more the actor that I see my self being. Because I’ve been given opportunities from the producers, who have given me the chance to do what I feel is my calling in life.
So again, thank you.”

Kenneth Lee Mattson (Actor)

“I have enjoyed and profited from my membership with AADB. And have advocated membership to many
other unconnected actors and actress.  I hope to be a member here for the long run. Thank you again”

Smiley Goh (Actor)

“Thanks for your email.  I made the right decision to join and I’ve already gotten four auditions and I believe that I successfully cleared one though I should get the final news by the weekend. Not bad for just five days on the site.”

Prem John (Actor)

“Hi Andrea,
I would Like to thank you personally for giving me that opportunity that opened up countless doors to the acting industry for me. I can safely say that most of the gigs that I have gotten, are mostly from AADB. And just for your infomation, my director casted  the Main Characters in “Haunted Changi” the movie from all AADB.

Andrew Lua, Sheena Chan, Audi Khalid and Farid Assalam (Actors)

Haunted Changi got #1 BOX OFFICE on the opening day island wide and is Currently one of the Top Blockbuster in Singapore’s Theaters and is the FIRST ever Independant Movie to get and ISLAND WIDE Screening. Once again, I am very thankful to AADB Singapore and if you would like us to do anything for AADB, I am pretty sure the cast and I will willingly churn something out with you guys =)

here’s the link to the trailer & website & facebook page for your viewing pleasure”

official website:
official facebook page:!/hauntedchangi?ref=search
official trailer:

Farid Assalam (Actor)

“I started getting calls from known local tv productions after uploading my son’s profile within 2 hours! I was pleasantly surprised and the calls came pouring in (literally) thereafter. My son has gone for 3 castings and it could have been 100% successful if only he did not have exams in May. He was recently casted and landed a co-lead role in an upcoming Starhub TVC produced by Fluid Productions under a very professional team both locally and from Australia and the returns are very favourable, infact, it covers more than 3 years of subscription with AADB. Now my son is looking forward to such jobs as it has been fun working with professionals who made it so easy for him….and me, the waiting mum.”

Catherine Tan (Mother)

“The AADB website is great!! Useful, informative and most important it produces results! I’ve had several calls for auditions to date ! Thanks !

Eve Ooi (Actress/Presenter)

“I’ve only been on AADB for 4 weeks and I’ve had five calls for auditions and three jobs: for corporate and TV work! I can even put myself up for auditions so casting directors can see me. If it weren’t for AADB no one in the industry would know me.”

Andrew Keegan (Actor)

“In the last ten years, 85% of my livelihood as a professional DOP has originated from my global web presence. The exposure that I receive on the aadb web site is excellent and I am using the site actively, aggressively and effectively to showcase my credentials to the film and television industry in Asia.”

Laurie K. Gilbert S.O.C. (Director of photography – L’Image Cinematography –

“My three year old son has been on the AADB website for 3 months now and he has had 3 auditions. The production companies either email me or call me directly. It’s very quick and easy. Also the website is really simple to use. I really recommend it.”

Karen Koek (mother)

“Just a month after I listed my two kids on the AADB site, I had several audition calls for both of them. Besides being effective, the site also has a very easy user interface so updating their profiles is a cinch.”

Vera Lye (mother)

“It’s a clear cut – easy to use website – and the photos are really helpful, especially full body shots. I’ve been posting auditions regularly now and have been getting great responses to them. So far I’ve been receiving many emails from new and experienced talents and I’ve cast quite a few of them in Mediacorp productions.

The other thing I like is that casting directors can contact each other and recommend actors. The other thing I like is that casting directors can contact each other and recommend actors. AADB just makes my job of finding actors so much easier!

My only hope is that more veteran or experienced actors use AADB too because they are often the hardest to contact.”

Adrian Wong (Casting Director – Mediacorp Studios)

“It’s a great site. It saves me so much time when I’m casting…I recently used it to cast roles for ‘My Sassy Neighbour’ and was impressed with the quality of the actors I found on the site.”

Mary Abraham (Casting Director – Pics Talk)

“This has got to be one of the industry’s most useful sites. I use it to cast for corporate gigs and short films. The local industry has needed something like this for a long time.”

Ben Siow (Director/Producer – Abundant Productions)

“Since I came back from overseas – I’ve had so much work from direct contacts and auditions through AADB. It’s easy to use and I like the way I can manage my own profile. It’s just like having your own website only with tons more traffic!”

Julie Wee (Actress)

AADB makes it so convenient for subscribers to connect with their target audience. Its worth every cent to subscribe to AADB.

Michael Lee (Actor)

“I just want to say that AADB is one of the best websites for actors in Singapore. For professional actors, it is a great way for us to be connected directly with the latest castings and jobs out there. You have done such a great job keeping the postings current. And, thanks also for always being so prompt with our requests or help with our uploads. You guys are awesome. Thank you!”

Debra Teng (Actress)

“Just a note of thanks for helping me register.
I managed to get a fair amount of suitable profiles for the roles I posted.
It’s really a very effective Website for both actors and producers. You guys are doing the industry a great service.”

Colin J Smith (Producer Funhouse Digital Pte Ltd)

“I think AADB is by far the best platform for talents to source for auditions. Before this, I used to get casting calls through connections and other sites, which were rather unstable. It has only been like 4 days since I’ve joined and I’ve received invitations for 4 auditions! I also just went into the system and saw more then 30 auditions and it’s only 25 days of Jan so far!”

Maxi Lim (Actor)

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