Don’t wait to act when its not your line.

It’s really about listening and reacting that makes an actor exceptional.

For anyone relatively new to acting, the audition process is a scary one.

1 – you don’t really know what role will be given to you.

2-  the audition script could be 3 pages long, so you are thinking “How am I ever going to remember ALL those lines?”

3- how many tries will I be given if I forget?

Well, Casting Directors don’t really care about the lines. They know that given enough time, you can memorize 100 pages. They are looking for the essence of the character. They are watching for how you react.

You don’t get upset and storm out of the room because of what your character says. You get upset because the other person has said something or done something to make you upset, and hence you storm out of the room. They are watching for how you storm out of the room.

Tip : Don’t do anything unless something happens to make you do it.