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AADB Singapore Twitter Feed

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AADB just started a twitter feed. Only members of AADB have full access to audition pages and can submit their profiles. But everyone can follow AADB on twitter. You will soon realize the large numbers of Singapore acting auditions or casting jobs within AADB. At present we’re tweeting all acting auditions in Singapore and we’ll be adding production bulletin notices, crew job notices and more in future.

Some acting audition tweets will have multiple auditions posted in one tweet – so do click READ MORE to see ALL the auditions. You will of course have to sign in to read the full audition details.

So just click on the image above to follow AADB on twitter. And, if you’re NOT already a member of AADB – JOIN NOW– whether you’re an actor / actress, producer, director, casting agent or crew member – be part of the tv and film production community of AADB.