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Acting audition for tv, film, theatre and ads.


Yes Casting Directors know they can find you on AADB, but if you bring along a printed resume, it goes to show you are prepared and want to be remembered.

When you walk into an audition and present the Casting person with a resume, he will definitely  look through it, especially if it’s neatly organised and just a page or 2. This not only gives you a chance to tell him more about the roles you have done, it helps to imprint into the Casting person’s mind who you are.

I know we are in a tech age whereby everything can be found online, but the casting process is still a little behind. When the Casting person sits down with his shortlist with the Director, it always helps that he is armed with your resume. If the Director likes the audition, he will want to find out more about you and this is the part where the Casting person is able to whip out your resume super quickly and present it to the director. This further imprints who you are in their minds.

If you think the Director will wait while the Casting person pulls out your file online, he wont.

The online profile is for the Casting person to find you. If you cant be found on AADB, it would be difficult to even get you into the audition room right?

So help the Casting person by bringing along your resume the next time you audition. He will remember you.

Tip : On your own profile page, simply click “Printer Friendly” and viola!

Print your most current profile anytime and impress the team!


Casting Calls in Singapore – how to get Auditions

Casting Calls – what are they?

If you’re new to acting you may not know what a “Casting Call” is. You may have heard of an “Audition”? Well, it’s the same thing. A Casting Call or Audition is basically like an interview for a job. The casting agent or director wants to see who will best fit the job. So, they will invite a lot of actors or actresses to come and “audition” for the part. Of course, most who come will not be “right” for the part simply because of their look, physicality or accent; or, sometimes, the director just has something very particular in mind for the role.

Almost all films, tv and theatre shows start with a casting call or audition. Whether it’s a big Hollywood production or local tv show there has to be a process where all the actors are selected for all the parts.

What happens at Casting Calls?

Usually, you’re greeted by someone who will ask you to fill out a form with your contact details, short bio and measurements (if you’re a member of AADB – you can print out your online CV – just go to your profile and click PRINTER FRIENDLY – then print that page). Then you will be given a script of the part you’re going to audition for. You’ll then be given some time to learn the script. You should learn this script as well as you can – there’s nothing worse than trying to act with a piece of paper in your hand. Always, always try to memorize the entire script. It’s even better if you ask the casting agent or director to email you the script to learn days before your actual audition.

The actual audition will usually happen in a quiet room with a camera, some lighting and the casting director. He or she will read the other part/s of the script from behind the camera. You’ll be asked to relax and then give your performance when the camera rolls. It’s not easy – but it’s a skill that can be learnt and improved on over time.

Tips for Casting Calls

  1. Always dress for the part. If you’re auditioning for a role as a lawyer or business man/woman – make sure you dress as a business man or woman. This helps everyone – it will help you “get into” the role and it will certainly help the casting director and anyone else who will see the casting tape imagine you in the role.
  2. Put on some makeup. Particularly for actresses. You want to look the best on camera and make sure it’s appropriate for the role.
  3. Bring your CV. If you have a printable CV with a headshot – bring it. Again it helps whoever is on the other side of that audition get a good sense of what you’ve done in the past.
  4. Ask about the role. If they haven’t already told you about the role – ask a few questions to get an idea how the casting agent thinks the role should be played. After your first take you should ask if they’d like to see it played differently.
  5. Ask for another take. If you feel you didn’t give your best – ask for another take. In other words – ask to do the scene again. Casting agents are usually happy to get a better take.
  6. Do something different. Sometimes doing a take that is just DIFFERENT will surprise a casting director and will help you stand out from the crowd. Don’t be crazy and throw things or take off your clothes – but try playing the scene in a radically different way. It might just work!
  7. Don’t waste time. Don’t ever waste a casting director’s time with excuses or problems of your own – they are usually on a very tight schedule.
  8. Remember: they want you to get the job. Don’t forget that the whole point they are auditioning is to find someone to fill that role. They WANT you to get the job. As soon as they’ve found the right actor they can stop casting! So relax – casting agents are on your side.

Where to find Casting Calls in Singapore

The best place to find casting calls is on AADB. The casting calls are all formatted – giving you all the relevant information, they allow actors to submit themselves and we keep an eye on the whole process to make sure it upholds professional standards.

Just go to our Casting Call or Audition page and click on the DETAILS link on any of the audiitons. As a member of AADB you will be able to Submit your profile online directly to the casting agent. This saves a lot of emailing back and forth of CV’s, bios, photographs etc. The casting director will get a link directly to your profile. It couldn’t be easier.

If you have any questions or comments – do leave them below. In the meantime – good luck with your auditions – and break a leg!

Open Casting / Acting Audition for Actors and Models

If you are an actor, model or extra looking for castings / auditions in Singapore you may well have heard of AADB. Actors Asia Database started out in 2006  as an online database for actors – so they could be found by casting directors, acting agencies, producers and directors. Since then AADB has grown to become the leading casting and audition website in Asia. With over 2300 members AADB experiences over 600 000 hits a day! That converts to about 3000 pages viewed by it’s members everyday.

Daily source of Auditions

It just makes sense to be on a centralized database where everyone industry can find you. For actors, models and newcomers AADB is a source of daily auditions – casting calls are posted every day with over 30 every month since it’s beginning. Casting directors, acting agents, directors are not only posting auditions, they are constantly searching the site for their next lead and supporting actors. Even newcomers to acting can testify that they’ve had numerous opportunities because of the exposure AADB has given them.

Types of Casting Calls

The types of casting calls vary from films to tv to theatre and commercials. A casting director will often contact actors directly instead of posting an audition notice – so actors have found it essential to have a great profile on AADB with professional photos a comprehensive CV filled out and video if possible. All of this is possible and simple to create on AADB.

Actors, Models, Extras, Newcomers

Actors on AADB have come from all backgrounds. Some were models, extras, dancers and some have had no experience whatsoever. Through AADB many have been introduced to acting classes, workshops, acting / talent agencies or talent management companies and of course to many many open castings. Many actors have been able to build significant portfolios from jobs directly related to AADB.

Not a Talent Agency – we take no commission

But AADB is not a talent agency. We do not represent talents. We are the portal through which talents / actors / models find work and acting auditions but we do not negotiate on behalf of them or take any commission.  Many actors on AADB are in fact with a talent agency or management but find that the exposure on the website is essential. Even well-known actors need to be contacted – sometimes by new production companies (or foreign companies) who may not know their contact details.

There are two essentials for all professional actors or for actors wishing to break into the industry:

  • Professional Photos – with one headshot
  • A profile online at AADB

Click to read more About AADB and HOW TO JOIN and the various Subscription Packages.