Open Casting / Acting Audition for Actors and Models

If you are an actor, model or extra looking for castings / auditions in Singapore you may well have heard of AADB. Actors Asia Database started out in 2006  as an online database for actors – so they could be found by casting directors, acting agencies, producers and directors. Since then AADB has grown to become the leading casting and audition website in Asia. With over 2300 members AADB experiences over 600 000 hits a day! That converts to about 3000 pages viewed by it’s members everyday.

Daily source of Auditions

It just makes sense to be on a centralized database where everyone industry can find you. For actors, models and newcomers AADB is a source of daily auditions – casting calls are posted every day with over 30 every month since it’s beginning. Casting directors, acting agents, directors are not only posting auditions, they are constantly searching the site for their next lead and supporting actors. Even newcomers to acting can testify that they’ve had numerous opportunities because of the exposure AADB has given them.

Types of Casting Calls

The types of casting calls vary from films to tv to theatre and commercials. A casting director will often contact actors directly instead of posting an audition notice – so actors have found it essential to have a great profile on AADB with professional photos a comprehensive CV filled out and video if possible. All of this is possible and simple to create on AADB.

Actors, Models, Extras, Newcomers

Actors on AADB have come from all backgrounds. Some were models, extras, dancers and some have had no experience whatsoever. Through AADB many have been introduced to acting classes, workshops, acting / talent agencies or talent management companies and of course to many many open castings. Many actors have been able to build significant portfolios from jobs directly related to AADB.

Not a Talent Agency – we take no commission

But AADB is not a talent agency. We do not represent talents. We are the portal through which talents / actors / models find work and acting auditions but we do not negotiate on behalf of them or take any commission.  Many actors on AADB are in fact with a talent agency or management but find that the exposure on the website is essential. Even well-known actors need to be contacted – sometimes by new production companies (or foreign companies) who may not know their contact details.

There are two essentials for all professional actors or for actors wishing to break into the industry:

  • Professional Photos – with one headshot
  • A profile online at AADB

Click to read more About AADB and HOW TO JOIN and the various Subscription Packages.

28 thoughts on “Open Casting / Acting Audition for Actors and Models

  1. i want to join in, as i have a little experience and want to work in shows and films to get a good foundation in acting, this will help me in my career of acting in films and many more.

  2. Welcome manoj, if you’re new to acting just go to JOINING PACKAGES page and join under Actors/Voice Talents ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.

    Once you’re logged in CREATE A PROFILE under the NEWCOMER section. Production companies are always looking for new faces and are very willing to give new actors a chance.

    Also, remember to submit yourself to as many auditions as are suitable. You can submit your profile directly to the audition from each audition listing. Break a leg!

  3. AADB makes it so convenient for subscribers to connect with their target audience. Its worth every cent to subscribe to AADB.

  4. I would like to try out as a model but have not had any experience in this field. Any advice?

  5. Of course you can try… join under Actors Annual Subscription. Then create a profile under NEWCOMER FEMALE. Make sure you have good photos and fill out your profile as comprehensively as possible. We have a 2 month money back guarantee if you don’t think AADB is for you. Just let us know before 2 months is up and we’ll refund your money.

    AADB Admin

  6. hi , my name is jessica and i want to become an actress but have no experience in it and i am only 14 years old i would like to work in tv shows and things like that. What could i do ?

  7. Hi Jessica,
    The best way is to start with some acting classes. Centre Stage School of the Arts is a good place that conducts teenage acting classes:
    Next you may want to join our directory. As a teenager, we would require one of your parents to join for you.
    It allows you to put up a profile of yourself including photos (particularly a good photo of your face – a headshot).
    Then you can access auditions that are posted up on the site. There are quite a few auditions every week that require teenagers.
    You would then submit yourself for these auditions and if they call you to audition – you could try out for tv shows, films and theatre.
    Just have a read of our pages and when you’re ready ask one of your parents to help join under NEW MEMBER SIGN UP.

    Hope this helps,

  8. hi i would like to try out for modeling but do not know where i should begin, any advice?

  9. Hi Kate,
    Most of the jobs on AADB are for acting assignments – some are for print ads which require modeling. You can always sign up under ACTORS SUBSCRIPTION and create a profile under NEWCOMER. This is for people who have little or no acting or modeling experience. Production companies are constantly looking for new faces for smaller roles and of course photo sessions – and the NEWCOMER section gets quite a bit of traffic everyday. If you don’t have any professional photos of yourself – we recommend getting the ACTOR PHOTO PACKAGE which is $280. This includes photos at COVER LOOKS as well as a year subscription to AADB.

    Try it – read our pages and testimonials and sign up when you’re ready. Our subscription has a 2 month guarantee – if you don’t like it and want to remove yourself from the database we’ll give you all your money back (this doesn’t apply to the price of the photo package which is an additional $130).

  10. Hi Cheryl,
    Do read our replies below and all the pages above. AADB can be a great start to your career. To join we’d advise you ask your parents, then join under Actors Annual Subscription and create a profile under NEWCOMER. This is where many new actors start.

  11. Hey , i’m 13 and i wish to be cast into a film/movie as an actress, do they have any open slots during the holidays?

  12. Hi – to be cast in films, tv etc – you have to audition. First you have to join the site under the ACTORS SUBSCRIPTION which is $150 per year. You’ll need your parents to help you with this as you’re under 18. Then you can apply for auditions on the site and hopefully if you’re successful be acting in films and tv shows.

  13. Is there anyway i can start by going for an audition and straight away after that,i can get a small role if i pass?

  14. Asher, That’s how it works. You apply to auditions, you get the job and you act in small roles – building up to bigger roles later on. You can sign up for the ACTORS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION by clicking on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. Then create a profile under NEWCOMER section. You can then check out all the auditions in the AUDITION category and SUBMIT your profile to any that you think might suit you.

  15. Hi, i’m 15 and i wished to be cast in short films/movies. If i didn’t join any lessons but have acted out small skits in school would it help ? And how do we find out if there are open auditions?

  16. There are open auditions everyday on AADB but you need to be a paid member. You can certainly join as an actor – I would recommend placing your profile in the NEWCOMER section. You can then look up auditions in the AUDITION listings and apply for the ones that are appropriate to you. AADB is on a free trial of 1 month for actor subscriptions so just sign up as a NEW MEMBER under the actors annual subscription and try it free for a month. After that you’ll be prompted to pay if you want to continue.

  17. i live in bkk might be going to singapore soon is there any chance i could cast

  18. Hi , may i know that is this company same as the Mediacorp production company? Thanks ! 😀

  19. I’m 16 years old and I’m considering acting as a career. I have totally know acting experience and will there be any training for films? I’m thinking of going on courses after I finish my O Levls this year.

  20. We recommend Centre-Stage School of the Arts in Portsdown for acting training. Otherwise, Lasalle for a full time course.

  21. No, we are not affiliated with Mediacorp. However, Mediacorp post many auditions and do contact actors regularly through AADB.

  22. I’m 12 years old now,going to be 13years old. I want to join the group but i do not wants to subscribe as i cannot afford it. Any advice?

  23. Sorry – you will have to get your parents to approve and help you pay for subscription fee. Anyone under 16 must have parents join for them.

  24. Hi. I’m 12 years old this year. I love acting. I wished to be cast in short films/movies or kids dramas.I used to join drama CCA but unfortunately it clashes with my tuiion day and time but i do act ut small skits in school. My mum had agreed to let me become a part-time actress after my PSLE but she do not know what to do. I would let to apply for the audition after PSLE. Can you give m,e an advice what can I do to apply for the audition and how can i be a member of AADB?

  25. Hi Cherin, You can ask your mum to join on your behalf. She will have to sign up to join for you because you’re under 16. To sign up – just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. Choose the Actor/Voice Actor (Action Package) and then follow the prompts. It’s a free trial for the first month – no obligation and we don’t take any credit card details so you can just try auditioning for a month. After that it’s $150 per year.

  26. Yes – once you’re a member of AADB you can submit yourself for auditions anytime they are appropriate for you. If you check the AUDITIONS page you will see there are over 60-90 auditions posted monthly. But you have to be a member to get full access to them.

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