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Actor Headshots

Darrell Chan Headshot

Not only for auditions in Singapore, but even more so if you want to work internationally.

One of the most important things an actor needs is a good headshot. As an actor, each audition you turn up for is essentially a job interview. And just like any job interview, you will need to arm yourself with a resume, that states what you are good at, what work you have done, together with a decent recent photo of yourself.

In an industry where so many things are out of your control, it’s important to take control of the things you can.


So what makes a good headshot?

1) HEAD….. SHOT….. so it must be photo of you featuring …. your HEAD. Not a photo that shows you from head to toe. Not a photo that shows you sitting on a bench. That’s more a Mid Shot. Just plain and simple, a photo showing your face.

What that also means is, do not use your hands or let hair cover your face. Also, you should not only show 1 side of your face just because you think it photographs better. You need to have your full frontal face looking at the camera.


2) Good Lighting – Nowadays, with your smart phone, you will be able to take decent headshot without going into a professional photo studio. What you need however is good lighting. Stand by a window that has natural sunlight coming onto your face. Make sure no shadows are cast onto your face. A good tip is to take the picture in the morning when the sun is not so harsh and you are most refreshed after a good night’s rest.


3) Smile – Yes!  It’s that simple.

No super cool stylo milo non smiling photos please!


Headshot - Auditions


So what makes Darrell’s headshot stand out?

  1. Head Shot – it shows only her face and a little of her shoulder. Hair is neat and natural. There is just enough make up and nothing in the background or her outfit distracts from her face.
  2. Good Lighting – obviously shot in a studio whereby lighting can be managed properly. The photo is not over exposed and her features are clear.
  3. Smile – What a gorgeous smile! And the photographer caught a wonderful twinkle in her eyes as well.



So now here’s a simple test you can do.

Pick any row of headshots in the Adult Male or Female page.

Which headshot pops?

Which headshot makes you want to click into that profile to read more?

Now that you know which headshot a Casting Director is more likely to click on, would you still stick to your present headshot?