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  1. Just making a simple wish here : Casting Directors/ Agents please post who the cast type you are looking for (Sex/Age Group) in the Audition Title itself. All the talents can see who you are looking for in the title and we don’t have to click the details only to find that we are of the wrong cast type. Putting a title such as “Casting Audition” certainly doesn’t help. We already know for sure it is a casting Audition for some kind of role!

  2. This site is very much alive – it’s mainly for members – so if you join and go through to the members section – MEMBERS LOGIN or NEW MEMBER SIGN UP then that’s where all the activity is.

  3. Hello, i have tried to apply for membership, but i have not recieved an email for a week. Is there anything i can do?

  4. Check your junkmail folder or try another email. If you still don’t get an email – then email us and we’ll try from our end.

  5. are there any roles for chinese female teen? can’t find any.

  6. There are roles for all ages and races. Join and watch the audition list – roles will come and go so you have to login daily to check.

  7. hi. i just want to ask. because i have zero experience in acting and i have never been train or went for any lesson on acting. can i still sign up? and if isign up, how do i apply for calefare or acting jobs?

  8. Yes – you can join without acting experience – just put up a profile under NEWCOMER. The industry welcomes newcomers and will look in this section to fill smaller roles or calefare type jobs. You can also apply to audition for any job you think is suitable – just check the audition list and SUBMIT your profile thru the system. If you want to do some classes there are adult classes at Centre-Stage school of the arts.

  9. Hi , i would love to be in the acting industry. So, i really need your help to answer my question. 🙂 Thanks!
    Is looks necessary? People with freckles can join?
    Is there height limit?


  10. Hi, having been a member before, would I be required to re-enlist as a completely New member or just pay my subscription and update my profile?

    Many Thanks…..Cheers !!!

  11. Hi Susan, you can just login and go to MY ACCOUNT. And click the payment history link.
    It should prompt you to renew your membership. Let me know if you have any problems with that.

  12. Anyone may join – there are roles needed to be filled by all actor types – freckles or not! 🙂 There is no height limit.

  13. Hi there.What is the age limit of acting?Are kids allowed to join?Like 13 years old?I really have the passion and love of acting.I have pimples too…Is that a problem???

  14. Kids most certainly can join – but you will have to have your mum or dad join for you. But once you’re a member you can create a profile and start auditioning. Pimples are not a big problem.

  15. Hi,
    I read from your website that you do supply a pool or talented actors/actress, etc. My company is an event company and we usually require such talents for the event we hols. We are very interested in getting in touch with you to discuss further. Is it possible for you to reach me via my email?

  16. Hi Nadya, we are a website connecting actors / talents to producers, directors and event companies like yourselves. All you need to do is join under Production Company and then you can browse and contact actors directly OR put up an audition notice if you’d like to meet and audition actors. Actors will apply via the site and you will be notified. It’s easy and quick to set up. Just click on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP and you’re on the way!

  17. If I join AADB and I list my profile under the “Extras/Calefare” category, can I switch my profile to another category during my subscription? Thank you.

  18. It’s a different category of subscription. But if you let us know when you want to change to the ACTOR category – we can help you change it no problem.

  19. HI, I am trying to see your privacy policy before signing up one of my children who is interested in joining AADB ?


  20. I’m sorry we don’t have phone support. But you’re more than welcome to discuss here. How can we help you?

  21. Hi, how can I send out a casting call to the database you have here? Please let me know ASAP thank you!

  22. You should join under the Production Company category. Join by clicking on NEW MEMBER SIGN UP. Then you can create a profile under AUDITIONS – or you can contact talents directly through the site.

  23. I really love acting and wish to experience being an actress. I’m 14 this year. How can I apply for an audiion/ interview, I need to sign up with action or action with photo package that cost $150 and $280 respectively. Though I know that one package has a free trial for 2 weeks ,can I go for an audition without having to sign up for any packages? I’m perplexed about the procedure for signing even after watching the homepage video. ><

  24. Once you sign up, by clicking on the NEW MEMBER SIGN UP link (you should choose the Actor Action package or Photo Package if you need photos), The actor Action Package has a 2 week free trial. Once you’ve signed up you can post your profile in the Female Teen section and start looking and applying for auditions. Some directors will just contact you directly. Since you’re 14 you will need your parent to sign up for you. Also so they can handle all the communication through the site as production companies will usually deal with parents with anyone under 18.

  25. This site is mostly for jobs within Singapore and for most auditions you’ll have to be in Singapore to audition. So I’d advise generally unless you’re willing to relocate it’s probably not good to join. We’re looking to set up a site in Indonesia soon if you’re keen.

  26. Hello
    I am a 25 year old i have a experiuos on photography film making dirction acting music mixing singing dressing any kind of work related to media and criative industry now a days i am in UAE if you want a person as me i am welling to do work with you waiting for your positve respons….
    Best Regards
    Tayyab Qasmi

  27. Your account has been re-enabled – to reinstate it you will have to login and then go to PAYMENTS to pay for the annual actor subscription.

  28. To get auditions and contacted by companies you will need to place your profile on the system. You can do that by joining and then creating a profile. However, as you’re in UAE it may mean there are a lot less opportunities as most jobs here are based in Singapore.

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